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    With three indoor football championships to his credit, Paco Martinez had his choice of coaching jobs with various leagues and teams. He chose the Bismarck Bucks, to the relief of head coach Richard Davis.

    “He and I have the same philosophy, so at the end of the day, it gives me confidence and the players confidence to have a guy who’s been through the works,” Davis said Tuesday after introducing the new offensive coordinator to the team. “For Bismarck to be attractive enough to hire him as a coordinator – he should be a head coach somewhere – it says a lot about what we are doing.”

    What Martinez had been doing was winning championship. With three titles (one as an offensive coordinator, two as head coach), he is one of the more successful coaches in indoor football over the last four years with a 27-12 record.

    “I did my research on teams throughout the league,” Martinez said. “I wanted somebody that had a fan base supporting it and for a team to have the success they had in the first year is unheard of. I see a potential that’s huge here. It’s a unique town.”

    The former coach of the Wichita Force of the Champions Indoor Football League said he knew little about the players when he chose to coach in Bismarck. And it really didn’t matter. He’s won titles with players that should not have won and lost with “stacked” rosters.

    “I knew the character of coach Davis and the players we were both going after,” Martinez said. “I told him I’m onboard and excited for the opportunity.” 

    Davis rounded out his coaching staff with Clay Harrell, who will coach the offensive and defensive lines and special teams. He was with the Cleveland Gladiators and Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League the past two seasons.

    In 2017, the expansion Bismarck Bucks went 5-7 and earned a playoff berth. They open the 2018 season on March 9 against the Kansas City Phantoms

  • Richard Davis, head coach and general manager of the Bismarck Bucks, works o his laptop in preparation for the upcoming season.

    Spreadsheets, spread offenses, pre- or post-game food spreads; it’s safe to say that Richard Davis is spread thin as head coach and general manager of the Bismarck Bucks of the Champions Indoor Football League.

    And he likes it that way.

    “I entered into this business as a coach and defaulted my way into sales and...

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